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I am an Integrative therapist, Chartered Psychologist, published author and university lecturer in Addiction Psychology.  Prior to becoming a psychologist and integrative therapist I worked for many years as a research biochemist in the area of breast cancer.  I am passionate about synthesizing and applying my knowledge, training and experience in my work as an integrative therapist. 


I use the Personal Consultancy approach which utilises a combination of methods and techniques drawn from both counselling and coaching, tailored to suit your individual needs.  

My research across different scientific disciplines has enabled me to more fully grasp and appreciate the inter-connectedness and reciprocal influence of the mind and the body.  I am a life-long practitioner of yoga and meditation and have also learned a great deal through life experiences which include:  family illness, caring responsibilities, bereavement, life and career transitions and addiction within the family.  Growing up in a family with different cultural values and expectations compared to the wider majority culture has also given me an awareness and sensitivity to racial and cultural diversity and the negative impact that a lack of understanding and acceptance of difference can cause.  

The Personal Consultancy Approach

I use the Personal Consultancy approach in my therapy and counselling service.  Personal Consultancy is a broad framework for enabling the integration of different counselling and coaching practices in accordance with the unique needs of each client.  Personal Consultancy has the potential to be more beneficial than either counselling or coaching alone due to its flexibility and its recognition of individual complexity. It facilitates exploration of the underlying reasons for problems as well as examining values, beliefs and future goals.  Personal consultancy provides a sense of structure and progression to our work together. 


A simple way to understand this process is to visualize building a house.  Counselling can be thought of as the foundations of the house and coaching as the visible structure above ground.  It would be difficult to build a stable structure on shaky foundations.  Through active listening, working on resolving inner conflicts, exploring solutions and providing ongoing support, the personal consultancy approach can help you to recognise your own resilience, resourcefulness and strengths.   

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